Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A Thrill of Hope

On Christmas Eve my husband any myself gathered around the TV to watch our church's Christmas Eve service streamed live on Youtube.  The service was largely about the true meaning of Christmas but pulled several lines from the carol O Holy Night.

A Thrill of Hope, A Weary World Rejoices.

Well I don't have to tell you how unprecedented or whatever the new catch phrase is to describe our feelings towards 2020.  Here we were back in February just looking forward to a CFL season and my Roughriders having a memorable season and hosting the 2020 Grey Cup.  

How quickly all of that faded.

Without a CFL season I turned my interest elsewhere.  We took more drives.  I took up painting.  I lost 40 pounds.  I discovered I liked free time on the weekends instead of rushing off to Regina for a game every weekend.  I discovered I really liked sitting down with a great cup of tea to relax at the end of the day.  I discovered I could bake bread.

If you'd asked me a year ago what I'd make of all this I know I most certainly wouldn't have had an answer.  Sitting here drinking my Panetone tea out of my snowman mug and still trying to be festive, I still can't put clearly into words what's gone on over the last 8 months.  We've all experienced it differently.  Both myself and my husband have been blessed to both keep our jobs and with the exception of working from home nothing much has changed.  There was a steep learning curve but I taught piano lessons online for 6 months and returned to mostly in person lessons when school resumed in September.  

Everything we've looked forward to has been cancelled and I go back and forth every day about renewing my Roughrider season tickets.  I never even got to sit in my newly upgraded seats.  Just as the song says and as the Roughriders and other CFL teams re-sign and re-negotiate with players we do see a thrill of hope.  Vaccines are rolling out and the Health Authority says that we may see a return to "old normal" by fall 2021.

When the clock strikes midnight our problems won't magically disappear but I also know that when we are finally able to gather again to cheer on our favourite teams we will rejoice.  Imagine how glorious it will all be when another touchdown is scored at Mosaic Stadium and Gainer tours the field buckled into his car while we high five all the fans around us. A weary fanbase will rejoice.

Until that time arrives, stay safe, cherish your loved ones, Happy 2021 and Go Riders Go.

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

CFL Subscription Club

Imagine experiencing the same anticipation every month that you have when waiting for your season tickets to arrive.

I drink tea at least every evening.  Sometimes it's hot and sometimes it's iced.  I decided to treat myself last week and looked into what kind of subscription boxes are available for such a thing.  I've subscribed to Ipsy before so there surely must be something for a tea connoiseur.  I found a relatively inexpensive Canadian company called The Tea Club and for less than $10 a month I get samples right to my door.  I'm not trying to recruit you but if you want I do have a code which saves you some $$ if you sign up.

There's subscription boxes for all sorts of things.  You can watch hours upon hours of unboxing videos on YouTube.  There's a box out there for everyone.  There's one for the make up artists, book lovers, exercise people, candy and meat people...

What if there was one for the football fan.

What if as a CFL fan you could receive a specially curated of goodies from your favourite CFL team?  Imagine once a month receiving a box that included a player autograph, a CFL sponsor coupon, a pin, players favourite snack, a Charleston Hughes recipe, a small item from the team store, a post card... the list could go on.  You could get the Quarterback box which may include Spitz and Twix and coffee coupons. 

I'm just an ideas person.  I have no idea how to make this happen.  What I do know is that after putting this out on Twitter Sunday night A LOT of people said this would be cool and amazing and would be totally on board with signing up for something like this.

It has to be relatively affordable.  I know the subscriptions I've had have only been around $20 but I could see a CFL box being $30 with quality items. 

This would be a whole new way for the league to reach fans around the world.  It's marketing to people who possibly can't get out on game day and who maybe never will due to location.  It would create a buzz because "oh did you get this in your CFL loot crate?" No, what is that?  It's an exclusive club that a lot of people would want in to just to get the special items that you wouldn't be able to get otherwise.  Mail subscriptions are trendy and it could lure in some of the borderline aged fans.

This idea is a way for the CFL and it's players to reach out to fans when 2020 is so unpredictable.  We have no idea what's going to happen.  Will there be a season or not?  No one knows and everyone is frustrated and impatient over it all.

Of course there's no way to get this off the ground for 2020, I know that.  Like I said - I'm just the ideas person.  I'm sure someone out there might see this and think I'm on to something and hopefully they would know how to make it happen.

Just think.  What if your CFL box was due to arrive tomorrow.  Wouldn't that be amazing?!